Sunday, August 3, 2008

Whitney came to town!!

Well i have not been up to much just hanging around and working but counting down the days till Lake Powell and when Whitney came down! well she is here now and I'm so happy i have not seen her in such a long! Dad and Ryan got some big 300 gallon water storage thing and gave us some time to play in it!!! So mom got in it first and rolled around a bit then got to hot so climbed out then me and whit got inside it and dad decided to roll it and we were going crazy flippin around inside! it was so much fun!! Then we went for a swim and took more pictures!

Mom made fun of me in this picture just wait till you see some of hers!!

Theses are about the only normal ones we took all day.

Mom claims that she is no good at making faces... we disagree!!!
And that was not planned i was really kinda scared!!

This is us playing inside the big water thing!!

It was a really fun day and I'm kinda sad that she has to go home tomorrow because i love having her here.
10 things that i love about Rory!
1. Always knows how to make you laugh!
2. Wears some of the coolest shirts ever!
3. Taught me the main part of my favorite piano song!
4. Has all the best video games!!
5. Always willing to help me out!
6. Has always been a freakin awesome brother to me!
7. Loved my family guy quote...even though I got in trouble for it... not saying any names...
8. Has way cool hair!
9. Married an awesome chick!
10.Has such a cool outlook on life!
I love you Rory!! your amazing cant wait to see you!! hope that you had an amazing birthday and got what you wanted!
ya.. i just watched Seinfeld the one where they put all the exclamation marks on everything hence the reason there are exclamation marks and because i just love you that much!!!


Rorick said...

Thanks, Jones! You're 100% my favorite sister!!

Love ya!


Mauri said...

haha those pictures are awesome!! You're mom is a good face maker haha!

Jennifer said...

Man. You have fun. And I love it. Like I love YOU. SIS B