Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Family Member!

So today me and Jacob got a new family member.
A cute little kitten that Jacob named hobbs. I love the book Calvin and Hobbs its a favorite of mine so I was okay with the name. 
I told Jacob we had a new family member and
 sent him a picture of the kitten and he didnt react very well but after i went to work I got a phone call from jacob and got nervous thinking 
I might be in trouble to my surprise he said "this kitten adorable!!" So we get to keep him Jacob even  came back home for lunch and hung out for a long time then text me when I was getting my hair done and said I needed to come home because we cant leave the kitten home alone. I cracked me up! He went into total parent mode! 

... Sorry if randome letters show up the kitten keeps attacking my fingers...
This is him as he climbed up my leg and jumped onto thetop of the computer and it shut and i snapped a picture just in time.

Jacobs work gave him tickets to the D-Backs game tonight so we went and enjoyed it!

I mostly just watched this interesting lady in the purple hate eat... It was enjoyable she was more interested in the way the food was and how much they made than in the game.. and I guess i was more into her than the game.
Me and Jacob didnt stay the entire time beause Jacob he goes and playes basketball uesday nights and for him to give that up is a big deal. So we made it work and did both!

Everything is going amazing! We just had our 10oth day of being married! So today is 101st!We have loved every minute of it and cant wait for the next 100,000+  days together!


Crystal said...

Congrats on the addition. Hopefully he's a good little boy. He's pretty much the cutest little puff ball ever! He looks a lot like Indi (Allen's previous cat) did as a kitten.

Brittney said...

GIRL!!!! I had no idea that you had a blog! yay! Now we can keep in touch:) I am adding you to my list of friends k! How is married life going?

Rod and Lynda said...

Joni, having you added to the family has be so great! Now you have an adorable kitten added to your family. I'm happy for you! I know how much you love animals.
With Love, Lynda & Mom

Colby and Jessica said...

aww that kitty is so cute! i want one!