Tuesday, May 18, 2010

oh people... and baby update!

I have seen some funny things on cars this week. so here are the ones I took pictures of.
Jacob & I saw this @ a stop light today & it made me laugh!
it says
"Just in case here are our Birth Certificates... Where is yours Jan Brewer???"
And it has all the info on them! Taped to the back window.
People are so strange!
Me and my mom saw this and could not help but chuckle.

Baby girl Update:
We had my 40.3 week apt today and I had a NST (non stress test) done. I sat in the most comfortable chair ever (no sarcasm) and had 2 straps on my stomach 1 for her heart beat and the other for contractions (if i got lucky and had any) then I had a button in my hand and i pushed it each time she moved. It was like a little game show. The best part is I got to hear her heart beat for a good 30 minutes! Nothing better!
They said everything was perfect! I had a few small contractions but I didn't feel them.
I am dilated to a 1. wahoo...
I get checked again on sat then an ultrasound on Mon.
hopefully she will be here soon. We are thinking Friday. Who knows why it sounds like a fun day!

Who will she look like?
Jacob or me? Im the one with the curlers


Caley and Jason said...

hahaha! Are those people for real with all their information in their car windows??? i guess that makes things easier for the sheriff, and the criminals who want to steal their identities. lol

Shalyn and Cooper said...

Those pics are hilarious! I cant believe your baby isn't here yet- way to be patient;-) I think she will look like you!

Rod and Lynda said...

Well, You are both so adorable, but I think she will look like you with a touch of Jacob!
Keeping my phone close by at all times to hear the happy news!
Love You, Mom

Briana said...

I LOVE both your baby pictures:) I hope she's a good mix between the both of you, but she BETTER have those Joni cheeks!

Cole said...

That first picture- hilarious! People are nuts. such a fun blog. :)
nicole visiting from http://lettersfromcoco.blogspot.com/