Sunday, April 3, 2011

I must be in love.

Lonely Mr. Lonely.

Jacob has been gone a ton lately! I have missed him so much. He has been having to go back and forth from Utah to Az and it has been wearing me down. I don't like being away from him really even if its just an overnight trip with the guys to go shooting I start to miss him.
I am also cheesy I always send him little packages with a note. When he went to Florida for training I sent him a little letter in his suit pocket. Yesterday night when we were packing up the truck (that was busting at the seams. garage sale in the future? I think yes!) I put some treats, a drink, gum, cash, and a little note telling him to drive safe in the secret pocket of the truck so he would find it later along his trip.
I picked him up from the airport at 2pm on Friday from his week long trip and we packed till about 12am on Sat, went to bed at 1 then he got up at 3am to leave to drive to Utah.
Man oh man I cant wait to see him for longer that 10 hours. The good news is that in 9 hours and 31 minutes I get to see him again!!! like see him each day for a long time! Hug him and kiss him!! (sorry mushy)

I feel like a teenager again or like a 9 year old when you have your first real crush whenever I see him.
I cant help but get butterfly's and I become all giddy. I must be in love. I just cant wait for 9:45am to see him not like I am counting down the hours or anything : )

Hug the ones you love!!

What is Conference?

p.s givaway coming on the 10th! I had to pospone it!


Ross said...

Great post! What I like about your post is how much you miss your husband! It's rare in this day and age to find marriages like yours, where you can see how much love you have for one another. I know I might seem like I'm the sappy guy but that's just who I am!! I've been married coming up on 14yrs next month. To the most amazing woman I might add!! We've been together for 20yrs now.

Dana Michelle said...

So cute! I feel the same way about Ben. (my fiance) I hate to be away and I hope I always miss him a lot when he is gone. Love this post! So sweet.


Ms. Blasé said...

This is so sweet! I can totally dig the hidden notes and treats since I'm a closet romantic. If God ever blesses me with a husband, I would so enjoy lavishing such attention on him. You two are so fortunate to have this kind of passion for each other. Cherish it every single day of your lives and never take it for granted.

Love is so beautiful.