Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family Camping

We went on a ward camping trip this weekend (7-29 till 7-30) about an hour from our house and man it was nice to get away from the city!
I always go back and forth between wanting to live in a small town in the middle of the woods and loving the "city".
We had a lot of fun except when it was time for bed.
Xelly got a runny nose so that plus the cold was like a little waterfall. She could not sleep laying flat because then she would wake up because she could not breath. So she slept on my chest for about an hours. She slept I tried to get comfortable. then we moved her in-between us with her head lifted for about 2 more hours.
Then the crying came she could not get comfortable and it felt like it was 20 degrees so after her screaming and a few others probably getting woke up by her we headed to the truck thinking maybe she would sleep in her car seat.
Nope! Once we got in the truck she woke up and wanted to play. So we turned on the heater and played from about 2:30 am till she passed out on our lap at 5am. Then Jacob and I tried to join her and slept very uncomfortably till 7am.
She was still sleeping so we picked her up and laid her back in our tent and caught another hour or so of sleep before everyone else was up.
Once she woke and had a little angry moment she was ready to be outside and play!
last snuggle moments
morning! Nasty nose!
really wasn't a fan of the photos

dad catching a few last moments of sleep

first look outside in the morning
my 2 favorite people
All the other kids were playing on this hill so she wanted to join in

 I picked up a sand bucket kit and she loved it!
papa & Xells
Xells & I
Family photo!
It was worth the sleepless night and freezing cold to get away for a bit and see how much fun this little lady had in nature! We will be doing it again once we hunt down a tent heater!!
Xelly fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep till about 5:30
Jacob & I laid down and the next thing we new we were out cold 


Mars said...

that's rough but looks like she had fun anyway! I'm craving camping, mtns, and cooler weather right now!

The Farnsworth's said...

baha I love her angry faces!

Crystal said...

Those angry pictures in the tent are cracking me up. She looks like a wild animal... or a feral child. Ha ha ha. So funny. And Jacob look so snuggly with that princess blanket. I'm glad you guys got to go camping and have a good time.