Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So fresh and so clean

Lately I feel like I have been cleaning all day and not getting anywhere. 
I think I have a picture of her like this for every day of the week.

an oreo she found somewhere at my uncles house

after she found the Christmas oreos

after she found a chocolate covered pretzels

after she found my eyeliner... if only i took pictures of the entire room.
She even colored on my sheets with eyeliner.

Yeah... we love oreos. I guess we passes that on to her.
anything chocolate is yummy.
Cleaning up eyeliner is not fun.

p.s this article made me laugh!


Sean and Erin said...

I am so glad that I'm not the only mom who lets my girl run around in a diaper still :) I love those messy faces! I think the next several years are going to be mess after mess for us to clean up :)

The Dabo's said...

Aw cute. She's a closet eater like me!

Allen said...

Hahaha! Made me wanna go out, buy oreos and smear them all over my body!

Oh, and that article is amazing! I hope there aren't too many childless people like that stupid girl that presented that stupid question (yes, contrary to what our teachers told us there IS such thing as a stupid question). Just spending a couple hours with parents and their kids is enough for me to understand the hard work (and joy) that it truly is. It's hard to believe how selfish and judgmental people can be.

RDWilson_clan said...

love it!! Clara isnt at the oreo stage right now but she is at the stage were she sucks on sliced apple pieces, and I just love watching her enjoy herself doing that, and i am sure you enjoy it some days to watch her get messy!!