Monday, January 2, 2012

Sleeping baby

Xelly has been getting out of her crib from the time she was about 13 months. That means I got to sit in the hall and wait for her to get out of bed so I could put her back to sleep. That normally lasted about an hour till she gave in and would pass out. So about 2 weeks ago we broke down and figured because she was already getting out of bed we might as well just take the front of her crib off and put up a rail. She loved it for the first nap then after that it was just even easier for her to get out of bed. So I sat by the door holding the doorknob so she could not open the door because this house has no locks on the rooms...lame. She would scream roll around kick the doors and pull all her clothing out of her dresser. Awesome huh.

So I resided to put up a gate so she would not be able to get past that and would just go back to sleep here are the different pictures I got before she learned her bed is more comfortable.

As of last night she has broken the gate out of the wall  3 different times. She is a beast. so strong.

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