Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trip to Az

We got back from a little trip to Sedona Az last week. It was fun to be with Jacobs side of the family for a few days.
We left Saturday morning at 4am to drive there and about 15 minutes into the trip Xelly was wide awake so I put on A Bugs Life for her to watch. I took advantage of a little nap in the back of the car and woke up to Xelly crying. I noticed she peed so much it had soaked her and her car seat so she was super uncomfortable. I brought her in the back where we had a little bed made to change her and see if she could fall asleep when she started coughing and ended up vomiting all over me. Literally I was soaked shirt and pants all the way through. It got on her and our blankets. So we drove the other 7-8 hours with a vomit/pee smell in the car. I was so happy when we got to Sedona!
We enjoyed some hiking, swimming, playing with cousins amazing Mexican food that I have missed so much! And all around good family fun.
When it was time to go home Xelly was sad to leave her little cousin Shea who is one of her favorite cousins to run and scream with.
We headed home and about 2 hours into the trip Xelly peed in her seat agin I think she caught onto if she pees in her seat then she gets to sit unbuckled in the back. Little stinker! (i had washed the blankets and seat cover at the hotel)
Jacob let me drive and he hung out in back with her.
They giggled for hours it flew by and we were home in no time!
Family is fun but I prefer to fly until kids are a little olde!

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Allen Beach said...

It was so fun to be with you guys in Sedona :-) Miss you like crazy!