Monday, March 16, 2015


Man. One kid was easy. Two kids was simple with a few hiccups. Three kids has thrown me for a loop. 

It's taken me two months to figure it how to attempt figure out three kids and that's without leaving the house.. I don't want to attempt the grocery store. 

They are tricky by man they are awesome! 

Three kids. Family of five. One day at a time.


The Tews said...

You are such a great mama! Seriously, I am just struggling with TWO!!! That picture of Rockwell asleep with the cutest squished face is the best! He is so darling. We miss you all!

Brooks Family ♥ said...

Somehow it gets easier! I remember my first trip by myself to the store with all 3 kids Bristyn peed her pants (for the first and only time in public) and I was nearly in tears haha!