Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jacob got a job!! +1 more

So Jacob had been searching for a job along with many other people and had not been having much luck. After a few months passed and no luck Jacob finally caught a break. His former hometeacher, Dave Dixon, called him and offered a Saturday job reffing 1st-4th grade kids basketball teams and anyone that knows Jacob knows how much he loves playing basketball. So he has been doing that for 2 weeks now and he really enjoys it! The first weekend he did it I went and watched for a few hours and I must say it was very funny to watch the kids run around and the parents attempting to tell them what to do.

Then Jacob had gone to an interview a month or so ago (for a company that he use to work a few years ago) and he left feeling good about it and thought they would call him soon after. Yet after no call from them and him calling them to check in to see if they had a position only to find out the man who was to hire him kept going out of town... the day finally came when he got a call and the company asked him to come in for another meeting. He went back in the next day and they offered him a great position. He can start working the 9th of Feb and he seems excited! It takes off some pressure knowing that he will be able to work!

Yesterday my mom said that she had the feeling a few times when we were looking at some different apartments that Jacob was not suppose to get a job until we found a place that was reasonable and affordable. Well we found an amazing place that we both love and Jacob got his job!!! We are blessed and watched over!!

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