Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our House...Our Temple

After a month or more of searching for a pace to live we finally were able to find one that we both liked and that fit our price range. Its a little 1 bedroom 1 bathroom house just down the street from the Mesa Temple. The area is a little scary but the people around us are all very nice and most of them are members of the church.
We spent part of yesterday cleaning with the help of my Mom, Crystal, Chelsea, Shea and Darin it went by fast because it is a little place but it looks and smells a million times better than it did before! My mom took us out to buy our first bundle of cleaning supplies and a rug to make the house feel more like a home. We are so glade we had the help thank you!
Here are a few pictures we took after we cleaned it.


Mauri said...

Such a cute little house. I'm sure once you move in you will have it looking very homey & cute. My cousin & his family live right around there too. You will probably be in their ward!

Bruce and Chanteal Brooks said...

Yes! We are so happy you guys live like 3 houses down, and are in the same ward! Too bad we will be gone for awhile, but when we get back we need to hang out! Keep an eye on our house for us. haha