Saturday, March 28, 2009

Camping, feeding ducks, dog sitting, flowers and Basketball games

Ya its been a long time sense I updated our life and a lot has happened! We had the opportunity to baby sit a puppy named Bear he was cute but he also helped us quench that urge to have children anytime soon. We had him for a week while some friends went to Mexico it was a fun week and he was enjoyable yet we were excited to give him back so we could go camping with my family.

Me and Jacob drove up late Friday night got to Clint's well about midnight and had a blast. It had little patches of snow all over that we were able to play in! and on top of that the weather was perfect! We rode quads played in the snow and had horse shoe competitions.

One of Jacobs favorite things is Basketball and we were able to go to the Suns game vs Nuggets on 3.23.09 and sat in the 3rd row! It was so cool and we had a blast! I had no idea how big those players were and how much they really do sweat. If were to stand by this minster shaq I would probably go to his elbo! Durring half time they did a bunch of strange dances and threw shirts and toys. Jacob caught the little gorilla they threw into the crowd and gave it to me as a souvenir. It was oh so sweet!

We are only renting our house but we still take every chance to make it feel more like a home. Our latest project was to make a little garden in the front yard. it looked like it was once a garden but the last couple renters let it grow over. so we tore it up and made it look nice. now all we can do it hope they grow! all our neighbors like to come over and water them so they tend to die. Thanks so much for the help neighbors...

Last week me and Jacob took an hour to dispose of the old hot dog buns and bread that got hard by going to a park and feeding the ducks. it ended up being us feeding the birds more than the ducks but it was still nice!!

We have been having so much fun! tuesday is going to be our 2 months of being married and it has gone by so fast!! but we have loved every minute of it!!


hillary ann said...

HAHAHA how did you get the opportunity to watch bear?

Crystal said...

Those be some fun times. I've never been that close to the basketball players. I bet that was pretty cool. I like the flowers and I think it's funny that the neighbors like to give em lots of water.

Sassy Christian Momma said...

soak it up. when you have kids date nights are few and far between. You guys are adorable! So sad i still haven't met you , Joni. Take care of my cousin:)

Kelsea said...

how fun!