Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Honeymoon adventures

The morning after the wedding Jacob and I headed to Cali for a few days and we were both so excited! The ride went by fast thankfully and Jacobs mom packed us some snacks to hold us over till we arrived.
The hotel was so beautiful and it was in downtown San Diego so we were just a block or so away from all the exciting stuff! Each day/ night we would walk around and see all the cool buildings and different sights.

We were able to visit some Beach's and the amazing zoo!!!!

We spent the first day at La Jolla Beach the water was so cold!! We took some pictures then ventured off to find some grub because as always we were both starving. We stopped at a little cottage dining place that was so cute and enjoyed a good lunch.
All week we had noticed that there was a highway that went over the ocean and it looked very thrilling so on Wednesday we drove on the highway and it led us to Coronado island. It was a beautiful place so we played there most of the day. The beach was a dream! Hills of white sand and Crystal clear water with shiny gold shimmers in it they caught Jacobs eye. After we spent some time playing in the water and on the rocks we ventured back to the car and looked for some food about an hour into our visit and found a yummy pizza place that we were both down for.

I was thrilled when some cousins that were at the wedding gave us passes so we didn't even have to pay. I had no idea that the zoo was as big as it ended up being and shocked at home many animals they were able to shove in it. We were there from opening (9:00) till about 6:00 pm. I loved every minute of it and Jacob was just excited to take me there because he knew how much I love animals. Our butt's and legs didn't agree with us by the end of the day and we ended up going back to the hotel and sleeping for about 3 hours before we went out on the town again.

My favorite adventure was by far the zoo and all week Jacob was looking forward to going to the San Diego Temple. So on Thursday before we headed home we woke up early and packed up got in our Sunday dress and headed to the temple. Sadly the temple was closed for cleaning and we were not able to go inside but I guess that gives us a reason to take another trip to Cali soon! So we took some pictures and headed home but the temple is just as pretty as people always said it was.

All in all it was amazing and I am glad we were able to go!!


Dustin & Kristen Lantz said...

Awe, look how cute you newlyweds are. I remember those days, along, long time ago. Yay for beaches and the Beachs.

Mauri said...

You guys are so cute. Looks like you had a fun honeymoon. I LOVE San Diego!

Kellie said...

awww looks like u too had a great time! im so happy for you guys!! :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Sweetie! You were made for this... living the life you're meant to be living. I'm so proud of you and love you so much!

hyrum♥chelsea said...

joni! i haven't seen you in ages. you're such a little hottie. you newlyweds are adorable!! glad you're so happy!! xoxo, chelsea

Kelsea said...

how fun! congrats!

ccbendixsen said...

Jonique!! Cameron and I went to San Diego for our honeymoon too! SO much fun right? we did like the same stuff as you haha I thought it was pretty funny