Monday, March 7, 2011

I Need Your Help.

I am not afraid to ask.
To start out read this post about the 10 things I like and don't like.

So my mom read this she thought it was funny and called me a dweeb
(have not been called that in a while. thanks mom.)

Then she got to the Utah comment. She was not a fan that I said I didn't like Utah, I can safely say she would move there in about 3 seconds if the had the chance. She loves Utah.

Jacobs going to be applying for a management position to Utah soon so that means I could end up living in a state that made it into the list of the top 10 things I don't like in a matter of... oh like 2 weeks- a 1 month. Plus I have never left AZ and I have never lived away from family and I am nervous that my little girl wont remember her grandparents.

I need your help.
Can you give me some things you like about Utah so I can focus on the positive not the Negative.

I heave heard that actually have Seasons in Utah, like Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring?!? what!
Of course Lake Powell runs through Utah so it cant be all to bad.

What are some things you like about Utah, or the cold, or advice on living away from family.

Picture from the Here... I love her blog by the way.


Cristi said...

I lived in UT for 7 years (2 in Provo, and 5 in Salt Lake) and I liked it. I did not have family nearby and now I live even farther from my family (Nashville, TN). For me, it isn't about where I live, it's about the people I meet and make connections with. UT was difficult because many people have family near and don't need to make connections with others. Even though it was harder to make deeper friendships, I still met some of the most amazing people I will ever know (there are good ones and bad ones, EVEN in Utah)! Making friends and creating those relationships makes the place I live feel like home (no matter where I am).

I hope that helps! If you end up in Utah, you can find things to love- just like anywhere else!

Collette and Chase said...

well...i've lived in utah for about 6 years now and have a baby away from grandparent so i hope this helps... although i will always be an arizona girl and absolutely HATE utah winters, there is a lot i'm going to miss when we move. the best part is that there is SO much recreation to do. our little family goes biking, boarding, camping, fishing, hiking...all within 10 minutes of us! we just get up on saturday and decide what we want to do! that's what you get when you live on mountains. and that mountains are beautiful by the way...i have to say az isn't as pretty when you go visit after you've lived here.
and my parents visit all the time! they love coming in the summer when it is so hot in az and there's so much to do here. you're mom will love you being here! and in the winter it's nice to go to az for a break! plus there is always skype!! eden knows here az grandparents and all of her cousins and gets so excited about visiting. anyway, i love utah. maybe i love az more, but it's been good to us!

Megan said...

I have never been, so I can't help you unfortunately!!

Tahnee said...

well...... i live in utah!
im officially a utard i guess.

its a good state. (az will always be better in my book).

but yes!!! the seasons here are beautiful! i lovvvve the weather here!!!

its not too far from az to visit fam and stuff!

idano if you snowboard or ski! but they have lots of places to do that!

thats all i can think of for now... lol

Ashley said...

Awww. :( I am an Alabama girl through and through....but I wish I had some positivity to offer you!

Your blog is so beautiful...I love love love your header photo! Beautiful BABY AND FAMILY!

bruce ♥ chanteal said...

Coming from a girl that has to leave her family every summer... I love it! Trust me, i know its hard being away from family.. and thinking of everything you are missing out on and stuff but honestly, it has been an absolute blessing for our relationship. I can honestly say Bruce is my absolute best friend and we have the best relationship in the world and I really believe its because we have the chance to depend on just each other. Its sad to say, but when we are home for too long I wish we could move again. Its also fun because when you do see your family, its that much funner. At first it is so hard, but it really gets better I promise.

p.s. Bruce is selling for adt this summer :) We are going to NC!!!

dan and ashley said...

ha i am the WRONG person to comment on this because i HATED the whole 7 weeks i lived in utard. it was in feb mind you & i had never driven in snow. i HATED being away from family & had a crappy job. BUT it made me realize where i wanted to be & what i wanted to do as a 20 yr old- which was be around family & do hair {couldnt up there cuz of hours differnce} good luck!

Mollie said...

Skype for staying in contact visually? Is what we do.

The Mills said...

My husband's mission buddies all live in Utah, so we visit a lot. We're from AZ too!! I don't like the snow in Utah, BUT the trees are gorgeous in the fall. They actually have all the colors (they don't just die), plus everyone is really helpful and nice there. It'll probably take you a little while to get used to the numbers as street names thing hahahahaha we got lost a couple times but Salt Lake is really cool and we loved visiting Temple Square ;) Good luck to your husband on the job interview!!! Everything has a way of working out for good ;)

Little Beachs said...

I can only imagine myself driving around lost. I will totally need to get one of those talking direction things!
It would be cool to just be our little family. but would miss family also.

You guys are all so awesome! Thank you for your input!
I will reveal the outcome the interview in a dew days!