Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 things I like & 10 things I don't like

10 things I like
1- Jacob, Xelly and well all of my family!
2- Butterfingers
3- When someone smiles back at me in public.
4- The TV show How I Met Your Mother
5- When I get a text from Jacob randomly in the middle of the day
6- Jump rope. I miss double dutch!
7- Crafting
8- Piano
9-Shopping for little kid shoes they are just way to cute and tiny!
10- Country music-- I LOVE country music!

10 things I don't like 
1- Utah
2- Sharks!!
3- People who change lanes at last minute just to be first in line at the light.
4- Dodge trucks
5- Dusting
6- Blow drying my hair
7- Doing the dishes
8- Talking about x's
9- Checking the mail and not having anything
10-Trying to take a picture or video only to discover that my battery is dead or I have no space left.

Wow... that was actually really hard. I like a bunch of things and a bunch of things annoy me but I could not for the life of me remember any of them.
but the reason I could not think of 10 things I like easily is because every one of them that came to mind was about Jacob & Xelly!
If you didn't read my 25 things I bet your didn't know about me well then you should!


shelby said...

LOVE the family pictures!!! So cute. Xelly is too cute.

Mars said...

cutest cutest pictures! Who took them? I have a huuuuge list of things that annoy but for some reason I can't just sit and name them all. I guess that's good I don't dwell on them haha

bruce ♥ chanteal said...

ok, i love your family pictures! so cute!

Little Beachs said...

Thank you!!
My Sister in law Crystal took them she is amazing. We wanted her to just take shots as we played.

Tim and Trina said...

I love this!! Jones the family pictures turned out perfect!! I am in love with the cuteness!!

The Farnsworth's said...

LOVE the family pictures! Makes me want to take new ones!

Rod and Lynda said...

I'll add my words of how much I love you guys! I love the pictures that Crystal took of your cute family too!

The Maxfields said...

Your family pictures really are so cute!! Where were they taken? I LOVE them! I know Xelly and Connor are the same age but I have to remind myself of that sometimes. I cant believe she is walking... thats so crazy! Im nervous for Connor to walk. He gets into enough things as it is :) We will have to hang out lots when we move back down this summer!

b. lee said...

jump ropin' rocks ... I make apart of my exercise routine * so with ya on the blow dryin' ... such a pain ... just another beauty chore for us ladies * *

Sean and Erin said...

I love reading your posts :) They are always so clever