Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A little pee and roll

Last week Jacob & I wanted to take Xelly to the park so we figured before her nap we would take her out and play. Before we left I wanted to change her diaper I stripped her down then stretched to grab a diaper as always she crawled away so I figured eh what the heck ill give her a head start.
I started talking to Jacob then he laughed and pointed at Xelly playing on the tile with a big puddle of pee around her. We could not help but laugh - our laugh got her so excited and she tried to crawl to us and slipped then started rolling around in her pee.
So instead of a fun day at the park we had tub time!
Just about as fun as the park in her book!


Krissy :) said...

Awh, how cute! That's a moment you should've gotten on camera so that you could show her later when she grows up! Haha

Tim and Trina said...

I laughed so hard readin this joni!haha she is such a little character! haha i miss you friend!