Saturday, January 22, 2011

what!? I don't think I approve

Of my little girl growing up.
You guessed it by baby girl is 8 months old!! (on the 23rd)

Yesterday we were tired of being inside so we went out back and played. 
I took a few shots of her playing in the grass

After Jacob got home he wanted to go to the park so we headed on over & enjoyed some more time in the sun! Aren't they just two of the cutest things you have ever seen.

She is 18.8lbs
she loves any type of food (still has had no sugar)
sleeps 12 hours at night with 3 naps a day.
doesn't have any teeth yet but I can see it trying to poke through
she has taken 3 steps but only does it when she wants.
she has mastered the stares going up but never down
loves to help me take the clothing out of the dryer
talks all the time her favorite thing to say is hoss (hobbes) every time she sees the cat

This is what we do while Xell Bells is sleeping


Caley and Jason said...

what a cutie!

I was a little afraid to watch the video of what you and Jacob do while Xelly is sleeping hahaha

Crystal said...

Xelly on the swing is adorable! What a great giggle :) As for the other video, I think Hobbes won that time.

Sassy Christian Momma said...

They grow so fast and Xelly is adorable!