Sunday, December 26, 2010

25 things I bet you didn't know about me

I noticed that 98% of my posts are about Xelly- I dont get tired of it but im sure anyone else reading this does. So for the next month I am going to try to post about different things! Wish me luck! Take luck!

25 things I bet you didn't know about me!

1. I could easily eat my weight in food! 
2. I cant stand the little dried clumps that come from lotion bottles.. yuck!
3. I sometime get a container of fruit and open it to snack while i grocery shop- like I said I love my food!
4. I have to wash my hair on a schedule and I must keep to it. Tues, Thurs, Sat.. Tues and yes by Mon it is greasy
5. I get a little jealous when I hear other people are in labor and I wish it was me. love babies! 
6. I like to stay up till 1 in the morning but don't like to wake up
7. I clean the best when I am mad or annoyed
8. I love to take hot baths
9. I want someone else to pick out my cloths so I dress more like a girl.
10. My car has a name- Bruce and yes I did dress him us as a shark a few years back for Halloween
11. I think my little girl is the cutest thing ever and that there is no better or hotter man in the world than my husband

12. Soggy food makes me gag
13. Even though I am back/under to my pre-pregnancy weight I still don't feel like I did. but miss X was so worth it!
14. I love my shoes- they are all 4+ inches and my fav pain is 6in and I'm still shorter than Jacob!
15. My favorite color is TURQUOISE
16. I never make my bed in the morning unless someone is coming over
17. I secretly wish i had 100's of followers
18. When we have a big backyard I want a Great Dane or 2
19. I want 8-10 kids. some twins or triplets in there somewhere if I could pick
20. I bite my nails but try to stop.
21. I know nothing about famous people.
22. I love to guess how tall people are
23. I use to laugh like a goat 
24. I am the pickiest eater ever. I often eat a little before I eat over at peoples houses just in case.
25. I love to make new desserts based on the photo.

Bonus!: if it was up to me I would change the color schemes of my kitchen each month.

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bruce ♥ chanteal said...

Haha love it! I am pretty sure I feel the same way about like 20 out of your 25 things!

I need to start doing different stuff too, all I seem to talk about it my pregnancy.

The Gurneys said...

I'm sure you'll get at least one set of twins, it's definitely in your blood. ;)

Sean and Erin said...

After reading this it made me so much more sad that you are gone! I do believe we were sisters somewhere and sometime. You're posts always make me smile :)

Tami said...

Its funny how blogs make you feel like you know people! Im glad you made this post now I actually do know you a little better haha! You guys are so cute!

Michelle said...

Love the "things I didn't know". I could probably also eat my weight in food, although I'm not that picky. And stay up until 1 and wake up late, although I can't do that anymore since my kids are in school now. :( I'll help you reach 100!! Following now.

Patricia said...

I like hot baths, I would love to have 8-10 children but my hubby don't... Well I have a lot in common with you:))) Happy to find you. A new follower.

Miss Jewells said...

I love this idea - I can relate to so many of these, too!

Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I'm a new follower from FTLOB. Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

ashley said...

I hear you with eating your weight in food- sure can! ;)

Visiting from FTLOB x