Saturday, December 18, 2010

Way overdue-- lots of pictures

Here is a video of Xells Cracking up when her cousin Bray hits her toy. You can see she is laughing so hard that she cant even get her giggle out at one point all you see is her tongue sticking out. so freakin cute.

Gurney Christmas is always a blast it has been my favorite for a long time. I just love getting together with all my brothers and having fun! My bro Rory and his wife Heather + 2 kiddos came down from Tucson and I loved getting to see them again!

Here are a few pictures.

the kiddos telling what they like about Christmas
Bray checkin out Xellys new toy
Me and my little lady
my 2 favorite people!
Nothing to do with Christmas but look how tiny her feet are-- and the shoes are a little to big.
Birthday Below

I love my mom! She is the most amazing woman I know. She has taught me everything I know and still manages to teach me new things everyday! She is an amazing Grandma of 8 kids and loves them all so much. She is a terrific wife and mother I am so glad she is mine! I love you mom!

Random photos of past events!
she is so fun to play with
I love her face expression in this photo
playing the piano with papa on grandpas ipad
doing the little ladies hair
Hobbes loves the slinky
she loves any electronic
setting up the Christmas tree- She loved playing the drums on the box

@ grandmas party- bray and Xells playin
 So there is my way overdue post.

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