Friday, May 1, 2009


So we have been busy having a blast!! here are a few things that are new!
  • Jacob is 2ND counselor and I am secretary for Sunday school... nice!
  • We are planted our garden with new flowers hoping they will live!
  • Still enjoying my new job--when I actually go to work
  • I went with Jacob to a golf tournament that his job was working at and gave chair massages to all the people that stopped by... so easy and better $$!! but raw feeling fingers.
  • We had some friends with house problems so they crashed at our BIG 500 sq foot house. they slept on the floor in the living room talk about luxury!
  • We recently found out we have can get secret Internet from someone in our neighborhood that recently got connected and we are enjoying it! (first blog from my actual home its cool!)
  • I only have 1 tortoise left.. i had to bury my last one about 2 weeks ago so I hope this little one lives! but I did find out I may get 2 new ones and now that we know they go through a meat eating stage they should live!
  • this may be lame for you but it is something I have been waiting for for forever! we got a water cooler dispenser thing. no more buying 2 big 24 packs of water a week!

I think that's it or at least its all I can remember.


The Austin Gurneys said...

WTG Jones! Congrats on your secret internet connection. Can't wait to hear more of your news!

Colby and Jessica said...

i hope your flowers live too everytime i plant some they die :( good luck!

Brigham & Shelby Weight said...

Hey! I do remember you guys! How's married life?! Isnt it just the best?? O and are you related to Richard Gurney? I knew him in Highschool so I was just curious. Hope all is going well! cute BLOG!