Saturday, June 27, 2009

Going once going twice...not sold!

So me and Jacob are moved out of our little house, that we loved and fixed up a bit..and into one side of my parents house. It has been interesting trying to get everything organised but it all worked out somehow! We are so glad that they are letting us stay with them for a bit its a big blessing in our life and a big sacrifice of peace and quiet they are giving up! Good thing we a a bunch of fun!
After packing up some stuff in our old house we began to see that over the small 5 months of marriage and into our youth we have collected a ton of junk {items} so I went into full garage sale mode.. I get it from my grandma Gurney! We gathered everything out of my old room along with tons of clothing and all our appliances and awaited Today {Saturday}
I drug Jacob out of bed at 5am and we went to the shop and got everything ready. We were all done and set up by 6 and started selling stuff! We got rid of the Washing machine, dryer and a few odds and ends.
One of Jacobs dear friends told us that his mother decorates the best western hotels and is re-decorating the rooms so they kindly gave us a table, desk and cool cubes. It all fit perfectly in our old kitchen and living room. We loved it while we were there but we excited to get rid of it. Jacob wanted to give it away for free but we stuck it in the garage sell and a wonderful man was over joyed to buy it right away! It was the first item sold! Thank you!!!
So that's 1/2 over with. We are going to do it next week also but add some of my mothers items to it as well! So come stop by!

We are going with some of our friends today to see Transformers!! Hope its good the other 2 out of 3 movies we saw sucked!!! land of the lost... -100 stars, the proposal... +my heart!! I loved it. and Year 1... -50.

My sister in law Chelsea and her husband had a new addition to the family about a week ago and she is so cute! Jacob and I are not to big into new born babies but she sucked me in and eventually got Jacob as well! She is adorable!

Hope everything in every ones life is amazing!


The Austin Gurneys said...

Uh oh. "Sucked you in" eh? I sense a disturbance in the grandbaby front. ;)

KP said...

good luck selling your house!!!

Little Beachs said...

Were not selling it. We were just renting it.
Ha grandbaby front is still holding strong!

Tami said...

Hey! You guys are such a great couple! Good luck on selling your house! Ryne and I are moving there in August so we will have to be friends :)

Love Cami. said...

Thanks so much hun!