Saturday, July 4, 2009

The life of a cat....

Since we don't have any children of our own yet, the closest thing we have to them is our little cat. He keeps us entertained when nothing else can. He is exploratory, visionary and especially a bit crazy. Today we put a little night stand with a drawer next to our bed and he was immediately drawn to the addition in the room. As he sniffed it we could see the wheels turning in his little brain. We knew that he would eventually want to climb on or just play on this piece of furniture at the first chance we gave him. Joni saw the little one's desire and placed him up top of the 3ft tall structure causing him to purr furiously. He was enjoying the heights more than we had previously expected. Next, Joni thought it would be fun to open the drawer and see what he would do with a little cavern that would open up. She opened the drawer and he spasmodically jumped inside. (Now I know some of you are animal rights activist, and coaxing a cat inside of a tight lockable space may seem wrong to you, but for now just play along with the idea of a kitten and its curiosity.) So , he was inside the drawer and happily exploring the depths of his new little discovery when Joni thought to close him in! With a grin on her face she cautiously slid the drawer closed. We then waited to see what would happen. Half expecting to hear him make sounds of panic, we were surprised when we opened the drawer to find him still purring and comfortable as could be. It's interesting how much a cat can entertain simply through the act of crawling into a night stand. Now he is sleeping and I am bored, hence the post. Enjoy the simple things in life and take time to capture them.

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Chelsea said...

Well written, Jake. I still have not met the little curious cat. He sounds like fun! Hope you are all feeling better soon. You are welcome to come over any time. We would love to have you guys over for dinner some time, does next Sunday evening work for you?
And yes, Joni, I cut off my hair! I donated it.