Sunday, July 5, 2009

2 weeks have flown by!

Our 4th of July:

*making breakfast
*talking a nap
*cleaning a bit more
*torture our cats
*Jacob gets a hair cut
*9pm we hear the fireworks and jump in the car to see them!
*discovered that if you drive on the freeway you can see the fireworks 100 times better!
*me and Jacob took our first 4Th of July picture

This years fireworks were different. We drove my Mesquite High and parked the the Goodwill parking lot and watching them from there. I have never seen people watch fireworks from a parking lot before it was strange! they were all spread out in the isles with camping chairs. It looked like they had been camped there for a day or so waiting. Then we got some yummy ice cream and went and watched the ones at the Chandler Airport. My dad didn't want to go to the fireworks but we made him, that resulting with him parking behind a tree and making us watch them from there so we saw about every 3rd one and that made me and my mom start laughing so hard that our voices were like little mice. Jacob then asks "is your mom drunk" because sometimes she slips into this totally different personality where she cant stop laughing and she says some of the funniest things its so funny. Its something that you would never expect.
never the less we laughed for about 30 min almost throwing up our ice cream.

My mom got sick on Thursday and then was so kind pass it to Jacob who got sick then my Dad leaving me the only one not sick. Today I woke up and felt really weak and tired but not bad. So I'm fighting it off. Today only my mom went to church.

Jacob and I are working in the nursery as our ward calling. Its fun but they need new toys. Playing with the same toy each week for an hour or more gets dull. but the kids are so freakin cute!

Jacob loves his job and is making sales so that's a plus!
I will be working with my mom we are just in the process of finding a building to lease out of. so in the mean time I have been scrapbooking our wedding pictures and still need to write thank you cards to people. That's always fun!

Hope everyone had a great 4Th of July!

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Katie said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! Our realtors are Sara Hollobaugh and Billie (don't know her last name). Sara is young and fun and Billie is a sassy older lady that I absolutely love. They have taken such good care of us and respond and take care of anything immediately. When you are ready to look at some homes, I would use them. They are both LDS and know what they are doing. Billie's # is 602-573-1547 and Sara's # 480 216-7473.

Your kitten is so darn cute!

Sassy Christian Momma said...

you two are so funny! Almost throwing up the ice cream. That's a lot of fireworks. Hope all continues to go well!