Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Its June?

My goodness h0w time flies!
Me and Jacob got a job that we can work together at! We are so excited. We are looking to buy a house so were going to work major over time Jacob will be working 2 jobs and I will work two shifts and massage if possible.

Our 6Th months at our cute little house is almost up and I'm not going to lie I'm sad and excited. We have changed it quite a bit added a flower garden in the front..the flowers are finall growing!!!
My brother gave us some appliances so we replaced the ones we had. But will change them out when we move.  Our carport looks redneck still we have a washer, dryer and dishwasher that work outside that we use and a fridge and stove that work but are not hooked up outside on our carport. BUT we are planning to move into my parents house to save.We spend a bunch of time over here and I like the ward 100x more.

My parents went to girls camp this week so were taking care of their house. Ricard (my brother) and Bay (his girlfriend) went out of town also so me and Jacob are watching 3 house over the next 2 weeks 

We are enjoying life! Love being married and love eachother!! 


Chelsea said...

I didn't know you guys were moving in with your parents, what a great way to save some $$$! Let us know when you are moving so we can help, well Darin can help and I can try. :) We need to get together just for kicks sometime too, it has been WAY too long.

Whitney Lee Slade said...

whoot whoot. i love it, i love your life, i love you!

things sound fabulous.

update more!!!