Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nothing better than the smell...

of RAIN!!!!!

This is the hail we got from last nights storm!
We love rain! especially sense it has been like 5 months of H@$& (heat). Each time it rains it makes a flood of memories come back.
  • When I was like 12. My brother and I would always make skim boards and spray paint them @ about the beginning of July and wait for the BIG rain storms to come so the next day we could go to the park and use them!
  • There is nothing like a rain storm while @ Lake Powell. It is both the best and the scariest feeling ever. If you have not experienced it then I am sorry for you loss. Our family goes each year (32 more days) and we have done this sense before I was even born. If i could pick a dream vacation it would be to go to Powell for a year! or 2. but imagine a rain storm while your on a house boat on a big lake while the boat is just anchored to a rock by a tiny rope that is slowly being unhooked because the waves crashing off the sides of the cliffs. and thunder and it being pitch black while playing cards with the family or frantically trying to save the house boat, jet skies and boat so they don't float away or crash into the rocks. I don't know its rather hard to explain it but it is the coolest thing ever!
  • Sleeping. falling asleep while its raining all snug in bed with covers up around your neck and the relaxing sound of rain hitting the roof. Makes all dreams amazing.
I love rain.

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K J SHENOY said...

We have so much rain here that we all the time pray for the rain to stop.But you are right: the smell of soil that emanates at the first rains is truly heavenly. Cheers.