Monday, August 10, 2009

Justice in Mexico!

Jacob has a non-profit group called "In Here" that him and his friend started a few years ago. In the past him and some of the people who sign up to go help with the projects have gone to a town in Mexico called Hermosillo. So on Sat morning Jacob, Me, Adam ( he served his mission down there and the partner in the organization) and his wife Erin all drove down at 3am to help out a family that was in need or a new vehicle. So we found a nice but cheap Motorcycle and brought it down to him and hung out with them for 2 days.

On Sat night me and Jacob went out to go look for some Vanilla because we go through it so fast and its the only real vanilla out there, as we were driving back to the Hotel we drove past a park and saw a bunch of signs hanging with pictures of children and we wanted to check it out. As we got closer we notices pictures of Angles with children's names under them

and in the middle of the park there were about 30 tall rolls of paper with notes and love messages with the children's shoes in a bigger circle around that with candles lit.

As Jacob read what was in the News articles hanging from strings along the sides of the sidewalks it states that there had been a fire the the ABC children's nursery on the 5th and a large number of children have died. the full story is here, and pictures here. It was sad to see all the children's pictures,shoes and read about families that want justice because the owners of the nursery are not willing to take credit for what happened.The next morning we woke up and went back to the families house we had visited the day prior to take them to church. Even though I don't speak fluent Spanish the Sacrament meeting was very good and all the people were very kind. I met a few families that Jacob had stayed with on prior trips and they were so happy to see him and I got some Juicy cheek kisses from them also! They are all so sweet and fun, one of the girls we visited would point at objects and say the Spanish word so I could learn them but after about 10 min Jacob told me to have them say the English word and then they would stop and loose interest and it worked!
It was a fun trip and we have a few ideas for some projects that we can do the next time we go down there.

We went and saw the beautiful Temple.
enjoyed the colorful walls and buildings.


Allen said...

how fun! i'm so glad you guys got to enjoy Hermosillo :-)

The Scotts said...

That is sooo cool! Let me know if I can ever helpout with any projects! This is yet another example of why you two are pretty much perfect for each other!

Mauri said...

How fun! That is awesome you guys went and did that!

The Porters said...

It looks like you guys had fun. Did your Parents go to? well your pics look great..

Little Beachs said...

It was fun!
If anyone wants to come down this year your more than welcome to! It was just me Jacob Adam and his Wife that went.