Saturday, September 19, 2009

vacations and staycations

Jacob and I have been on a vacation every weekend for the past month. It has been very nice and we have made some good memories.
  • lake powell (a few posts down)
  • camping
  • cali
  • staycation
We had our Bluth reunion in the mountains. something like 87 out of 96 came. It rained a bunch and we played horse shoes every second we could. Big time competition.

Family Picture
jacob & i
Daniel. Me. Whitney

We also had a Beach family get together at the beach. It was so nice to play in the sun!
above @ beach.(jacob & i look tiny) below after church

Family pictures are always fun.

This last week we had our staycation. at home in our room. Jacob and I both got sick after the Cali trip and Jacob is still sick with Strep. no fun. He had to stay home from work all week and maybe again this next week depending on how it goes. at least were together!

We had been counting down till September 17th for about a month because that's when Hobbes got de-balled and de-clawed. No more scratches and no babies for the ladies. Bagirah is happy.
Hope everyone is doing great!


Jacque Gurney, CNHP, HHP, THC said...

I love you chica and you make me smile at your comments! Actually, you are quite hilarious! I LOVE working with you - when you work - and love having your staycations here! May they not last long so that you can have some privacy! Besos! Mom

bruce ♥ chanteal said...

Aren't vacations amazing!! I am so glad you guys are so happy! I LOVE the picture on your header!

Tahnee said...

i love little trips! and that sucks you guys are sick :( ... i have seriously been sick for like 3 weeks... and counting. the 1st week i was in bed.. but at least i am functioning now :) cute pics!!