Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Desert Tradition

This weekend we decided it was plenty Halloween time to do one of our favorite "traditions". We started this last year when I was trying to convince Joni that I was a really original and creative person... haha. We invited out friends Trina and Tim to go this year to the desert where we were able to make dutch oven peach cobbler, carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns and eat some good fire roasted hot dogs. We had a really good time, and despite the noises that we heard from animals around us in the bushes we returned home unscathed. Thank you to the Reidheads for helping to continue the tradition. It is always such a fun time!



TimandTrina said...

So, I pretty much love you guys!! We had such a blast in the desert! We were so glad we did not get gobbled up by the desert monsters that night!! haha We really just adore you two and were so grateful to have the chance to keep the tradition alive!! heheh You are both amazing! Maybe next year we can go again and bring your baby!! woo hoo!!
Lots of Love,
Trina and Tim!!

TimandTrina said...

We love you guys! We had such a blast out there! We were so happy about not getting eaten by the desert monsters!! haha It is so much fun for us to have amazing friends that take us into the dark and make us think we are loosing our lives! ba hahah No really though, We LOVE the tradition and hope to join next year when the baby comes!! hahah woo hoo!!
Love You both tons and bunches!
The Reidheads!

Rod and Lynda said...

Nice pumpkin carvings! Sounds like a really great evening.

Katie said...

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