Friday, December 25, 2009

so many choices!

I wish I could decorate like these!!

I cant decide how to decorate our nursery so many choices so many colors!

p.s Merry Christmas


Jacque Gurney, CNHP, HHP, THC said...

WOW those are cute baby beds and rooms! It's going to be fun! I like the daisies with the blue and white check idea - because the daisies have yellow centers - and yellow would be cute with it - or you can make the centers any color you want for accent. Last night dad watched a TV thing that he can share with you that would help.

Crystal said...

I know I'm really late on posting this. I like the one w/ the butterflies flying out of the crib. It's very whimsical but not too over-done so I think it would be totally do-able. They are all gorgeous!