Sunday, January 31, 2010

our 1 year anniversary!

We went to Sedona for our 1 year anniversary and it was so much fun!!
Here are some pictures of our events
1. Jacob got me beautiful flowers!

2. looked at our cake. Didn't eat it.. eww

3. but what I remember of it it was yummy!

4. our cute little place!
(look how tiny the stove and dishwasher is)

5. saw some cool places and stores!!

6. we went on a little drive and saw beautiful scenery
7. Jacob gave me a ring!

Because I used my grandmas ring for our engagement Jacob got me a new ring of my own so we can put the heritage ring to rest until one of our kids want to use it for themselves!
He is amazing!

So now we are home and back to the real world. A year has gone by so fast and we have grown so much as a couple. Jacob is amazing and perfect I am go grateful for him! I love that boy!
Happy 1 year!


RickyG said...

So happy for both of you and for to be your parents and have such great kids. The new ring is beautiful and its great that Jacob was able to do something for you that us men get great happiness from. You are both awesome and we are happy for you. Love you, Papa

The Austin Gurneys said...

Happy Anniversary Jones! So glad you had an awesome weekend. :D

Mauri said...

1. do you live in those apts on Higley & Ray? Cause I used to live there & that's exactly what my apt looked like inside :)
2. Love Sedona, looks like you had fun!
3. LOVE the ring! It kind of looks like mine sorta. How sweet of him to do that for you :)

sydnee said...

PRETTY RING!!! i cant believe youre having a baby! i feel so behind... haha