Saturday, February 27, 2010

where oh where are my feet?!

A few more differences.
  • In order to get out of bed I think I burn 400 calories. Its always an exciting adventure!
  • as of today I have to pee every 3 minutes.
  • I graduated from a soup bowl to plate! I can rest a plate of food on my stomach & eat off it!
  • I cant walk down our 4 flights of stairs normal, I have to waddle so I can see the next step.
  • I am down to 4 shirts that fit. Soon I will move to Jacobs side of the closet!!
  • Its almost impossible to paint my own toes. took about 45 minutes.
  • I can barely see my toes!.. Proof below.
the world looking down through my eyes

Today I am 29 weeks pregnant or 7 months & 1 week.


The Austin Gurneys said...

Lol, I totally know where you're coming from. So glad it's you and not me Jones! ;)

Tahnee said...

ha ha... oh the joys to look forward too!!!

bruce ♥ chanteal said...

Haha you are hilarious! I can't wait to see you in like a month :)

Rod and Lynda said...

Growing babies is a very selfless act. Thank you for being so willing to be a Mommy!
I can help you with your toe nails if you would like.
Love You!

Autumn Fauver said...

This is so cute! I read this & I was like Oh yeah I remember that feeling! It was not that long ago for me that I was in your shoes, I guess I just forgot for a second there what it was like :)

Tim and Trina said...

Jones, I love you enough to paint those toe nails if you need help!! hahah this picture makes me giggle every time!! You make my day always!!

Ricky said...

My little girl now I know why you have a big belly, I see what you eat and all this time I thought I was going to get a new grand child. Eat more greens. Love you Dad

Ricky said...

Your dad wrote a big long note to you and it didn't post so he is too exhausted to re-write you - but he loves you - and is worried that maybe your belly is big from all the treats depicted on your blog, and maybe there isn't a baby in there!