Monday, March 22, 2010

uh... its March? sense when?

Update time on other events that have gone on.
1. GNO--- (Girls Night Out)
2. Jacobs way to early birthday
3. 32 weeks!! Whoot Whoot!

Me, Emily and Hailee had a girls night because our husbands went camping/ shooting for the weekend. It was so much fun we were up till like 5am and we got up at 7am who would have though a married and pregnant girl could still do that? None of my single friends thats for sure.
It started with a Walmart run.

Then moved to ordering food!! (taste of china ROCKS!)
and ended with... well not much leftover.

It was awesome! Then our husbands got home the next afternoon and they were stinky but insisted on giving us "man hugs" that meant hug me and deal with the smell.
Then Me and Emily were off to get stuff for Hailee's Bachelorette party we were throwing that night. We went to dinner then back to my place for games and gifts!

Jacobs Birthday is not till April 6th but I love giving gifts and so I cant ever make him wait once i buy it.
He had a choice between a gun and an x-box. I didn't think this would of been as hard of a choice as it was... it took about a week of him asking everyone he knew what they would pick if in his situation. Nothing helped. One day I came home to him on the couch early from work and he said "I want an x-box" I knew his choice was based on the fact that if he had this then he could play NBA LIVE 10 (his favorite) instead of just sitting there. So off to Target we went and came home with this
What more could an almost 26 year old dream for!? I guess now a gun! He is adorable and we play games together! not his NBA one more like the Lego Batman.. because thats my favorite!
32 weeks! Wahoo only 8 more weeks to go!

A wedding Hailees to be exact!
Next on our ajenda... shower this weekend.
2. jacob gets to go to "daddy boot camp" he is against it.
3. crafts!
4. who knows I only think 1 week ahead.

p.s Thank you emily for some pictures.


Mauri said...

PS all that food and snacks just made me hungry! Yummm!

Mauri said...

oooh fun!! Love the updates. Your belly is sooo cute!! See you this weekend at your baby shower :)

bruce ♥ chanteal said...

Get Lego Indiana Jones!! We have it for the wii and I am so addicted! We went out and bought Batman, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones and it was my favorite by far.. Batman is a close second!

P.s. I am so excited for the baby shower :) I get there on Wednesday, so I will call you!

Tim and Trina said...

hahah joni i love you so much!! Ha i cant wait to come play lego batman..if we can ever get the x box away from the boys!! ill even bring lego star wars, although ill truet that batman is better since that is what you said!! I can not wait for your baby shower!! i cant wait for her to get here!!

Jacque Gurney, CNHP, HHP, THC said...

I'm so glad that you invited me into your private showing! Awesome pictures and so funny! You are hillarious! love ya, mom