Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So all along I have had the mind set that there is no way in heck im going to get an epidural. NO WAY!
Yet every time someone asks me what my birth plan is and I reply with "Im doing it all natural" they start saying how im crazy, wont make it and then begin a big story on how much pain they were in.
Cant people just leave me in my happy "its not going to hurt that bad I know can deal with it" world? because I know its possible and when people doubt me I begin to second guess myself.  

Follow me down memory lane...
1. Me screaming at the dentist when he mentioned i needed a shot to numb the pain about 10
2. Me hiding in the bathroom forever so they had to pick the lock to get me out so I could get a shot age 14
3. About breaking Jacobs hand each time they draw blood at OB appointments age 20
4. Not getting school shots sense I was in 3rd grade.
5. I can watch any surgery, but once they pull out a needle I close my eyes and feel all clammy

My 3 biggest fears...

I would rather be locked in a room with clowns and crickets than get a freakin shot let alone an epidural.
So for now my plan is still the Natural way. No shots for me or baby. deal with it.
If I end up changing my mind once I get into it thats fine but for now its natural.

Vent is over.


Diana said...

hahahahahahaha Joni, I had to laugh because the picture you have of your first fear is a pair or mating crickets. That would scare me off too. Blech!

Goodluck with everything though, you can do anything you set your mind to.

Crystal said...

I know you can do it Joni! I did it and I'm such a wimp. Just be prepared. Know the ways that work to make your body relax. It still might be painful, but if you are relaxed, it won't be as bad as everyone tells you. They were probably screaming and tensing every muscle in their body (which is tempting, but not helpful). That's my two cents. If you don't already have enough material, I enjoyed skimming the book HypnoBirthing. Keep in mind, I didn't use hypnosis, but the book had some good suggestions for helpful and productive imagery. It also had an accompanying CD with guided relaxation similar to what you'd do at the end of a Yoga session. I went to bed with it every night on headphones and practiced relaxing to it. Good luck! I can't wait to meet Xelly! :)

Caley & Jason said...

Um. My worst fear is crickets. then needles. I have to say though- I have become more brave than I ever have been about them. (the needles that is). I bawled my eyes out like a 3 year old the first 2 times I went to the hospital because I had to have an IV, until the drugs kicked in :)

Honestly though you'll probably do fine without an epidural. I don't remember who I was talking with but they were telling me how epidurals are unheard of anywhere outside the good old USA. People have been doing it naturally for thousands of years. I personally like the option of a pain free birth.

The Austin Gurneys said...

I think you should do whatever makes you happy. Just so you know, they do put the epidural in your back (where you won't see it!). I had spinal blocks with both my c-sections and I never saw the needle. If you change your mind, it shouldn't be an issue. ;)

Shalyn and Cooper said...

I think you can do it! My biggest fear is pain so I know im going to NEED an epidural but you are a strong girl and I think if anyone can do it, you can! When people ask you from now on just say you are undecided and leave it at that;-)

bruce ♥ chanteal said...

I feel the same way... I'm not scared of shots, but I just don't want a epideral. The natural way sounds WAY better to me!

Collette said...

you can do it Joni! I went natural and didn't have a single IV. The most important thing for me was to make the decision before hand and not to question it. You know what is best for you and your baby and only you can make that decision. The next most important thing is to be educated. I took a Lamaze class which was great. You just need to learn how natural of a process having a baby really is and how your body works and what to expect. Oh, and stay home as long as you can...that helps. I'll be the first to say that it's hard, it hurts like hell, and i don't blame anyone who goes in thinking natural and ends up with an epidural. I just want you to know you can do it! and when it's done, you are on the most amazing natural high EVER! i have never felt so good...that's what i remember more than the pain. You can do it!

The Scotts said...

At risk of being the only mean one here who would dare tell you anything to deter you I am just going to tell you this: my mother-in-law did NOT want me to get an epidural because she had 6 kids without one but I did anyways. I'm sure I probably could have gotten through the labor without it (and you can too) but then when I was pushing and she was coming out THAT was the bad part.....I tore all the way (they call it a lever 4)...I am talking ALL THE WAY! My husband thought it was soooo gross! They even had to keep the epidural going longer than normal because it was so bad. That is when my mother-in-law said she was glad that I got one! I am only telling you this because if you do change your mind at the last minute it doesn't make you weak! You never know what is going to happen until you are there (I don't mean to scare you, I am sure you will do fine!). Also, you won't actually see or feel the needle ever. I have to say what Collete said sounds nice "and when it's done, you are on the most amazing natural high EVER!" That sounds nice! Good luck, I am sure you and baby Xelly will do great! Make sure your husband is by your side to give you lots of ice chips (and to squeeze his hand to a pulp)! Oh I don't know if you were already going to do this but you should take a radio or ipod or something to listen to music, I have heard that is helps a lot with relaxing and distracting(I bet it would help a lot with the no epidural). Take some soothing music but also some fun stuff!I was going to do this but I forgot when it came time to go to the hospital, so keep it in your car.