Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby shower pictures

My adorable mother!!
The amazing people who came to celebrate Xelly!
Cute cake my best friend made, Adorable basket from my Sis in law and the blanket I made for Xelly
In the process of opening up gifts
some of my amazing cousins
Bri and Tina!
The amazing people that threw it for me!

Only 19 days left till my due date!! who knows how many till she decides to come!


Tahnee said...

oh my gosh! such a cute shower!!! xelly is almost here! so crazy!!

Tim and Trina said...

best friend!! i love you tell your child to hurry up!!! i cant wait to see her!! but tell her not to come while im on vacation cuz if she does that i wont be able to sneak you in delicious food!! LOVE YOU!

The Austin Gurneys said...

Aw! You look so cute, glad you had such a great time. Sorry we couldn't be there, can't wait to hear all about the Lil' Miss when she arrives!