Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Mother -- My Father

ow ow!

My Parents are...                                                                     

beautiful / Handsome
great examples
1 of a kind
so in love                                                         
Cook the best food
most of all my best friends!

 They are the reason I am who I am.
The reason I want to be a parent.
and the reason I exist.

I love them!

Does this look like Me and Richard in a way? I think so.


Emily Zoe Hale said...

ok, so you totally look like your mom and oddly enough I think that your dad looks like Jacob... I am sending happy labor thoughts your way!

bruce ♥ chanteal said...

Oh my gosh!! haha love the picture! You mom looks so different, I had to look at it for a minute, but she totally looks like you! I think your dad looks more like Riley.. Or maybe a mix of Riley and Richard. How funny!

dan and ashley said...

TOTALLY!!!! I cannot believe how much you look like your mom in this pic!

The Austin Gurneys said...

Your parents ARE pretty cool, I'm happy to get to share them! And yes, it does look like you and Richard, that's an awesome pic.

Excited to hear about Xelly soon, make sure and post pics asap!


Jess said...

haha you look SO much like your mom

Jacque Gurney, CNHP, HHP, THC said...

Yep - I thought he was gorgeous then, and I think he's gorgeous now! Nothing like 36 years together to develop the wrinkles and chubbiness of "lots of love and experience"! How did you get this picture? We sure do love you - and you're a darn cute little mom!
Con amor, su mama