Wednesday, April 13, 2011

10 months old.

I have never been this behind on a month update for Xells. I rock.
Xelly is now 10 months old but is turning 11 in about a week! That means is almost party time!!
At 10 months old Xelly is:
19lbs - i am not sure of her height
She never really crawls unless she is playing gorilla
She loves to watch Chuggington- dances to the theme song then runs away and plays.
Says Mama, Dada, Hobbes (our cat- that was er first word at 7 months)
She understands basically everything we say except No.
Eats anything.
Has 1 full bottom tooth poking through & the 2nd just popped through yesterday!!
Playing at the park. She could stay there all day!
Bath time is her favorite! She will stay in there forever.
She loves to play with bouncy balls.
Dolls are her favorite
She will not got anywhere without her little blanket. that we lost at Walmart last night.
yes a new one is on its way.

She is a doll! I cant get enough of her!


b. lee said...

luv this ... "She understands basically everything we say except No." ahahahahah ~

TexaGermaNadian said...

Oh that messy face, how cute is it! I can only imagine how fun of a first birthday ya'll will have for her :)

The Maxfields said...

What a sweet girl she is!! I seriously loved seeing her the other night! I really can't believe our babies are getting so big!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

AW! Happy 10 months little one! :)

Megan said... least you are doing the updates!! : ) I love her dark and gorgeous!

Ross said...

She sounds so much like my 4yr old with her likes and dislikes!You guys really have a cute little girl on your hands though!!

Skye said...

Your daughter is precious! Ours are only a month apart, so we are going through much of the same stuff. Amazing how fast they change from day to day !! And look at that hair! Wow! How awesome! Julianna has barely any hair still :(