Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What was our Easter like?

Our Easter was
I put little snacks inside Xells eggs instead of candy. So when she would find one it would have puffs or gold fish inside but 1 egg had the magic jelly beans inside and she was thrilled when she found that one!!
We gave her a basket with 2 little toys a jiggle ball and a big bird book. Both were a hit. Then I dug through about 30 boxes trying to find her Easter dress. She looked so stinkin cute!
We went to church then put he pork in the crock pot & went to pick up my parents from the airport!
So far we have had some fun times and Xelly is so glad to have her grandma & grandpa here.

Rather cute if you ask me!

Remember how I said I was going to try to color some rad eggs in the post below? Well I didn't. my egg turned out 2 colors blue & green. It looked rad though. Xells was not wanting to be put down and just wanted to suck the color off the eggs. It was awesome! Then we played the Michael Jackson dance game (rad!) you should find a friend that has it because it rocks!


Kara said...

Oh Cute! I didn't see her dress at church!! That is so cute!! Have fun with your parents here!!

The Farnsworth's said...

Xelly looks adorable on Easter Sunday!

Ross said...

Sounds like you had a great Easter! We spent the week at our cottage where the girls had their own hunt. Of course they are still on a sugar high!!