Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just keep on growing.

At 1 year Xelly has been learning so fast and so much!
She weighs 21.7lbs
Her height is 30in.
Wearing 18-2T clothing
She can say:
Kitty Cat
Didu (Thank you)

She loves to climb up the stairs and learned to walk down them
She claps when she does something good
waves when you say hi or buy

Shopping is her favorite- or at least the idea.
She will get the keys and then grab my hand and walk me over to the garage then pat on the door.
She sleeps from 8:30-9 sometimes 10
takes one 4 hour nap
She loves to play outside she is out there about 80% of the day
Playing in the dishwasher is her second favorite
She loves her dad more than anything. Each day we wait outside for dad to get home and when he comes around the corner she gets so excited and starts to wave!

She is the cutest thing! She would not leave the Old Navy dog alone


Anonymous said...

She's a cutie! My toddler is obsessed with the Old Navy dog too. Though lately it seems to freak her out a bit :)

Caley and Noah said...

Noah weighed 20 lbs at 7 months!! Man my baby is a chunk.

Ross said...

She is so sweet! Sounds like my kids who are outside almost all the time. She plays in the dishwasher!!!! That's histarical! Great post! Looking forward to the next.

Lynda said...

She's growing up! Xelly loves dogs! I wonder what Hobbs would say about that? Well, if he could talk that is.