Friday, July 1, 2011


I have been missing from the blog world. It was kind of a nice break but I also missed reading other peoples posts.

Talk. Xelly. Surgery/Biopsy

Last week Jacob and I got asked to speak in church on Forgiveness... I had a little over half of my talk written when Xelly leaned on the computer and broke the screen. Good think I had been studying forgiveness. Or good thing she is so darn cute that its hard to be mad at her.

Xelly turned 13 months!!
I was not sure if continuing to post about her month birthdays was worth it or not but I like to remember the little things.
She now has 3.5 teeth. the .5 is because only a tiny tiny tiny corner is popping out. She had her 2 bottom and 1.5 on the top. So stinkin cute when she smiles!
She is a fish. She will stand on the edge of the pool and jump in go under and come up with a big smile.
She loves to float as much on her own as she can.
She eats pretty good if she is hungry. she is not hungry very often right now for some reason.
Sleeping 8:30pm-9am
Nap either 11:30-4:30 or 12:30-5
Loves her daddy more and more each day!
Learned how to say "where is that" (where dat) and "where did it go" (where di do- and makes a O face)
Can also say: Bye. Hi. Dog. Kitty Cat. Dad. Momma.
Kisses are a must
Her new off and on Bff is her doll
She cant live without her blanket!

Biopsy/surgery- On Tuesday I went in to get a biopsy and ended up leaving with more that I asked. I went in originally to get a mole removed because it was changing shape and color and kinda freaked me out. So I got to the dermatologist and he said that it should be removed and then looked around for others. He ended up finding 4 that he said should be removed. One on my back shoulder blade, My inner thigh(leg), right below my butt cheek, and behind me knee. All on the left side of my body.
Lets just say it was not exciting. Once I saw him pull out the needle I got nervous and Jacob could not help but laugh a little because I am pathetic when it comes to needles.
The doc however didn't numb one of then enough and as i felt him cut into my leg i made a face along with a noise and the nurse looked shocked as she retarded(ly) asked "can you feel that" then she pinched me. UH DUH! So they put the needle in again and then I felt better.
It has now been 3 days and I can cross my legs but its still hard to sit on the toilet because the seat rubs the bobo.
This is what one of them looked like the 2nd day. This is the only one I can see
Each night Jacob puts peroxide on them and I cry a little inside while squirming a ton. Cant wait for them to heal!!
Yummy huh!
Happy 4th weekend!


Vivian said...

Sorry to hear that. They will heal fast. I had one removed on my face..out of all places..can't even tell. You'll be fine.

Caley and Noah said...

yikes. I had some of those bad boys removed. All on my back. put neosporin on them too so they heal quicker :)