Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Fathers Day and Dinner!!

Happy 2nd Fathers Day Jacob!
He got
A Watch
A Wet Dry Vac
a cute colored letter from Xells

Jacob is the best dad to our little girl. We wait for him to get home and when Xells sees his car she points and heads straight to the driveway.
She giggles non stop when dad is around- he just makes everything more exciting and so much fun!
Nothing beats a fathers love when she gets a bobo.
Jacob is her everything!!

Happy Fathers day!!

My dad is the best dad I could ever ask for! He has always been their for me and is such a great example to me. He does more than he knows and his actions of service have helped so many!

My father in law is so nice and caring. Jacob is lucky to have him for a father and I am glad he helped make Jacob into the man he is today!

For dinner I made Baked Salmon with Pineapple salsa and Baked Asparagus! YUMMM!
cover pan with foil
Poor some Pineapple juice over each salmon then sprinkle Ms. Dash (the original blend) over each one.
Bake at 375 degrees for 5-10 min. or until fish is cooked and flaky.

Cut up pineapple, red, orange, yellow, and green, pepper, some habanero pepper, and cilantro
poor a little extra pineapple juice in mix and eat along side with salmon or with chips!

Then I did Baked Asparagus!
Place asparagus on pan add oil till each is coated with oil. then sprinkle parmigiana cheese and garlic spice over the top. place in oven at 450 for 15 min! Yum! my husband likes it a little burnt so if you don't cook a little less.


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Cute pictures!!! Happy Father's Day to Jacob and all the dads in your life!

Ross said...

It may be over but our jobs as father's never end! Happy Father's Day Jacob! Great pictures!

Lynda said...

Sweet post! Thank you! Love You!