Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pool Day!

We had been doing yard work most of the day so after xells woke up from her nap we disided to look up a local pool to go swimming at to cool down.
Their happened to be one about 2 miles away that cost 3 bucks a person and xells got in free so we had fun!
Xelly is not afraid of the water at all. She will jump in off the edge of the pool and go underwater.
She loves to be thrown in the air and land in the water.
I am glad she loves it because Lake Powell is coming up soon and it will be so excited!

Teddy grahams are a family favorite! 

oww oww!!!

don't even think about touching her snacks!

1 comment:

Mars said...

oh she is sooo cute! I love that last picture of her lol. She was probably saying just that (from the look on her face)