Friday, July 29, 2011

Wisdom Teeth

After a about 18 months of having my wisdom teeth bother me I finally go them out!
They started bothering me about half way through my pregnancy but I could not do anything about it
then after Xells was born they were find untill about 3 months ago.
They got infected and hurt when I would eat anything. So we made arrangements for my mom to come to Ut to watch Xelly while I had them removed.
I got put under so all i remember was being in the waiting room playing with Xelly then they took me back to the room and the doctor sat down and before I knew it the IV was in. Then he asked me three questions about Xelly and I passes out and woke up in another room.
That night we went to braza grill and ate yummy food.- I was not a fan of the idea nothing but smoothies

I documented pictures for people to laugh at!

day 1
day 2

day 3

end of day 4
It has now been 8 days. It still is hard to eat some things but the pain is mostly gone.


Vivian said...

What can I say? You look great for just having them taken out. On another note: LOVE Braza grill! We are going to Tucanos tomorrow..have you been there? SO yummy!

Caley and Noah said...


hills said...

i miss you jonique!
and love you

Mars said...

Oh I remember going through that. At least you didn't get dry sockets. I didn't either but I heard they suck. Hope you're feeling pain free soon!

Remy said...

I too went through having my wisdom teeth removed. It wasn't that bad, but eating baby food for two weeks sucked.

I didn't need the pain meds but everything else made me loopy as hell.