Monday, August 8, 2011

I apologize.

I have been talking about Xelly non stop. I cant help it!

We have been in total redecorating mode!
On our list of things to do...

  • Paint Piano
  • Finish Xellys kitchen
  • Redecorate the living room
  • Sew curtains
  • make a birthday block
  • hunt down a piano bench
  • make a bench out of chairs
  • find matching vintage chairs

thanks pinterest.
Here are a few of the ideas.
yes, that is the same color ours is going

Ill finish up the last touches on Xellys kitchen and then post about it.
We have had so much fun working on it together as a family!


RDWilson_clan said...

Rich's sister told me about pintrest and now i am somewhat addicted! love going on for an hour or two and just looking at all the different things on there!!

Crystal said...

I absolutely love the style of that piano picture. Are you gonna do plates like that now that yours is all painted? The awesome thing about that style is you can totally do it on the cheap with thrift stores and you can completely make it your own. Have a ton of fun. One of these days I'll get to come see your place.

Lynda said...

Fun projects! I would love to help you with them!
Well, I am missing you guys again, so, I came to your blog to see you. Love you!

Ross said...

Looks like you have been busy this summer. I really like all the different projects that you do!