Monday, October 24, 2011

Guess who is 17... years old.

She might be 17 months but sometimes she seems like she is 17 years old.
I mean she takes my keys our of my purse and opens the door to the garage. opens my car door climbs inside and starts scream laughing to get my attention.

 For our fun no church because everyone is sick sunday, we decided to do some painting!
I cut open some garbage bags and covered the table then Xelly went to town on her pumpkin body

Then it was clean up time and in the sink she went. She played for about an hour then stood up and said "da ta"

Dont you love her fake undies!

I think she is adorable. I cant believe she is this old. Is is our cute little copy cat.


Allen said...

I'm gonna say "da ta" all the time now! I wonder if people will think I'm cute? Or maybe just weird? Or retarded? LOL
Miss you guys!

The Farnsworth's said...

Stop it right now, that last picture of her is awesome!

Chelsea said...

I'm so excited to see you guys! Xelly gets cuter every day!