Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Under the sea

About two months ago we went to
The Living Planet Aquarium. 
It was so much fun and Xelly ran all over the place looking and touching everything.
Talk about her kind of heaven

 Fish faces

It was so odd touching the stingray they were so slimy. not what I expected!

 This shark tank was rad. As close as I plan on getting to a shark.
I jumped when one came around the corner by me and that made xelly jump and grab me.

 Xelly needed to show some love to all the penguins

We had so much fun exploring. 
The good thing about a new state is that everything is new and exciting to us!

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RDWilson_clan said...

I love that place we went there during Christmas with all the girls and there kids!! I was kind of freaked out about the sting rays, but it really is an awesome place to go with a family!