Wednesday, April 11, 2012

22 months

I do t even remember the last update I did on Xelly.
She is now 22 months will be 23 months on the 23rd then the BIG 2 years old next month. Crazy!

At 22 months xelly
-refuses to count. She learned to count to one then two but now everything is just 2. For example.. Me: 1,2,3,4,5 xelly: 2,2,2,2,2 it's cute! She will catch on when she is ready.
-when it gets dark xelly puts her hand over her eyes like she Is searching for something and says "I can't see"
- her dad is her favorite person. Seriously the #1 person she cares about they do everything together. She calls him Pa even though we have never called Jacob Pa.
- she just started calling me "Ma" I like it a lot more than my old name that was "big girl" it was always funny yet awkward for her to call out "big girl wee aw you" at the store or park.
- she sleeps in a big girl trundle bed and loves it! Has been for about 3 or so months now. She has always been an amazing sleeper but now she is even more excited for bed because it's her bed with her own pillow!
- her most used sentences are:
"excuse me" "Hobbes no no no." Pa, wee aw you?" "come on let's go" "outside!!" " my gock" (cup) "oh wow" "I love you" and more...
-she loves to blow kisses and whenever she goes somewhere she says bye I love you and blows a kiss.
- outside is her favorite once she wakes up I the morning she asks to go outside. I'm so glad it's finally I. The 60's so she can enjoy it and not be trapped inside.
- she is in size 4 diapers still
- is 27lbs and 37 in tall
- has had 3 hair cuts. but needs her 4th
- she puts on Jacobs glasses nods her head and says "yo" it's one of my favorite things!!
- still can't eat peanut butter or honey but I am getting better with substitutes!

I could go on forever about things she does and how cute she is but Ill stop here.
We love her so much and have loved watching her grow up and change


Brooke {B} said...

Are kids are almost 2! I dont think this is aloud to happen. She looks so big...I think her long beautiful hair makes her look even older. It was fun to read the update! Hope Utah is treating you well. Cute family picture by the way!


She's such a CUTIE PATOOTIE!!