Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy birthday!

My parents came to town last week so my dad had the joy of driving 12 hours on his birthday!
Not so fun for him but very exciting for me!!
I love other peoples birthdays so I wanted to make his special after the drive!

I had his favorite cake (Boston Cream) for him and cream cheese enchiladas for dinner! YYUMM!

This year I got creative and made him this

His favorite candy bar is Snickers so it just seemed right.

It was very easy and fun to make:
Shadow box
paper with message printed on it

I love my dad! He truly is the best man and has been an amazing example to me my entire life.
He is the strong silent type so when he has something to say I tend to listen and take it to heart.
I am so glad I was blessed with him in my life. And I am grateful he is Xellys Grandpa she is learning just how lucky she is!!

Hope you enjoy it!

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Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Your dad sounds like mine! :) The strong, silent type! What a fun gift idea!