Monday, May 7, 2012

Its a....

So we have been keeping a secret that has been rather hard but well worth it!

I am pregnant, Xelly will be a big sister and Jacob will now have 2 kiddos to play with!!

We found out at about 4 weeks that I was pregnant. I decided to take a test after I had a dream we had a baby girl and it was all I could think about so after I put Xelly to bed (Jacob was at school then basketball) I had the house all quiet and to myself I took my trusty dollar store test.
it said Positive! wahoo! I had no idea what to do.

After Jacob got home from basketball around 11 he was telling me about work, school, and basketball and then asked how my day was and I said I'm pregnant.
It was a happy moment followed by both of us in silence thinking..."what the heck!!!"

We got an ultrasound at 8 weeks

So we waited till were visiting family in Az and we told our families that we were 10ish weeks pregnant with #2!!

Then we waited and waited and dodged questions about when we were going to start trying for #2 and people wondering where we were hiding. In the bathroom DUH!

Got another ultrasound at 16 weeks because they could not find the heartbeat.

Now I'm 18 weeks along and we found out last week that we are having a little Boy!!

My parents were in town so my dad got to come to the gender appointment but my mom was in class so she didn't get to see but got a picture to guess from.

Jacob is thrilled 1.because he said boy all along and 2. well... its a boy! that means basketball!

So October 11th is my due date so ill have the baby on like October 18th ;) if he is like his sister!

This pregnancy is 100% different from my pregnancy with Xelly. With her I never had any sickness, braxton hicks, contractions, stretch marks, dilating or even labor pains (till they broke my water a week later)
With this baby I was lucky to get off the couch or bathroom floor till 16 weeks and even still I cant handle lots of talking, bring lights, looking at any form of uncooked meat so I'm planning on everything being very very different this time!

But we are very excited and looking forward to a boy!


nattapatta said...

I can't believe you were able to keep it a secret for so long! Especially being sick! Congratulations on this little boy. That is going to be so much fun!


I'm so excited for you guys!
Sorry you haven't been feeling well!....That is what keeps me form having any more!
How lucky to not start showing at 8weeks like myself!.... I could NEVER keep it a secret!
I bet you'll have the cutest little belly!

Carissa said...

Congrats! That's so exciting! Boys are a lot of fun! So fun to have 1 of each!

Jacque Gurney said...

You are a beautiful pregnant woman! Like dad says, there is nothing more beautiful than a clean, happy, kind pregnant woman, and nothing uglier and a dirty, unkept, grouchy pregnant woman. Thanks for treating us so royally while we stayed with you - and thanks for the amazing food and fun family activities. Watching Jacob play with Xelly was my favorite - and he is the best dad!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

CONGRATS!!!! One of each, how fun! :)

Brooks Family ♥ said...

Okay I love that post and I am so excited for your little guy to get here!!! P.s MOVE BACK TO AZ NOW!!! Don't you want Bristyn and Xelly to be besties??