Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scrabble Letters

Jacob is a scrabble/words with friends fanatic so I was watching T.V/thinking about decorating ideas on Friday night while Jacob played Scrabble on his phone when I was inspired to do Quinton's (or soon to be kid #2) name for his room with Scrabble letters.

I told Jacob of this idea and he liked it but I don't think he was expecting for me to actually do it.. or start the next day.

We went and got wood...
  • Pine 5 3/8"x8' or something. But how big you want your letters is up to you.
  • The workers cut the wood the size we needed. We wanted 6x6 but we didnt notice that the wood was not 6" when they started cutting.  (my favorite part- that the workers will do the dirty part for you)
I am glad that the wood was not 6x6 because I like that its a tad bit longer on one side instead of a square.
I took pictures of my step my steps.

  • I printed out letters on regular paper then took my handy exacto knife to cut out each letter
  • Then I traced the letter onto the wood that Jacob got for me!

  • I laid out the letters to make sure I would like it before we went any further into this project.
  • Jacob and Xelly used the router and went along the edges so it was not so sharp and harsh to look at.
Xelly loved getting to use the shop-vac to clean up all the dust!

This night was Jacobs school night so I had time all to myself to work
  • Xelly and I went to Lowell's and got Stain. We went with Golden Oak stain so it was just a little darker than the original pine look.
  • Then I traced over the letters with permanent marker so I could see the letters better.
  • I took my handy wood burning tool and burned the outline of the letters into the wood to give it the Scrabble look.
  • I got lazy and took my paint pen and painted the inside of the letters instead of burning them all.
  • The numbers in the corner I did the same thing as with the letters.. cut them out with the exacto knife traced them onto the wood then just used permanent marker to fill in the lined because they were to skinny for my paint pen.

  • My only problem was trying to find a way to hang these on the wall without having to nail them all in and put tons of big holes in the wall. Then I looked into the 3m easy no hole wall hangers but that was $28 bucks and said on the box to not hang it over a bed..
  • So Instead I went for the easy (cheap..$1.99) rout and super glued tacks to each corner of the back of the wood. my fingertips are burned but it was quick and simple solution.

I have 2-3 months to make sure they wont fall off the wall.

the finished project

This project was super simple (in my opinion) the only hiccup we has was that we originally wanted the letters to be engraved in the wood so Jacob attempted to use the router to carve the letters but I didn't like the turn out of it.

Hopefully we will get it hung on the wall tonight and Ill take a picture then.


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Warren and Amber said...

This turned out Awesome!!! Great idea. Your so crafty. I can't wait to decorate Leah's room when she gets one once we move to idaho.