Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jacob & Joni

Sometimes its nice to change things up a bit. Normally I am a total chicken and don't like to change my hair at all, but this time I told my neighbor who is amazing at doing hair & helps me out with my last minute meal, Xelly and bad hair problem to just color it darker with some highlights and cut it.
 I loved it then had a pregnancy moment and wanted to cry like 2 days later but now I'm back to loving it and can' really remember what I looked like with lighter hair. 

Last week on Tuesday Jacob decided to leave class early so he could play basketball. He came home around 8 from school all excited because he had not played in a few weeks got ready and headed out. Normally he gets home around 11:30 but this week I heard the door open around 9:45-10 and some odd shuffling noises. I looked over and saw Jacob hunched over moving very slow and very sweaty (yum)
He made his way to the freezer (icepack) then into the TV room where he collapsed on the couch then moved to sitting on the floor then to rolling around on the floor.  Poor guy landed wrong in basketball and hurt his ankle pretty bad. Within about 3 minutes it started getting pretty big then about 2 days later it started to bruise and just get uglier and uglier. Yesterday he went to the doctor to get things looked at and they told him no sports for a month and gave him a splint.
Thankfully nothing was broken or fractured.
That will teach him to ditch out on class. Now he cant play ball, or run tough mudder like he had been planning.
This was on Thursday

this was later on on Friday?
We don't have the best of luck right now with injuries!


The Tews said...

Looooooove your hair! Can we trade? Thanks.

Bummer for Jacob! Nate did the same thing like one week before my due Nate with Mabel. Sprained his ankle really bad in a soccer game.

Mars said...

your hair looks soooo good!!
Ankle injuries are the worst. hate them. My ankle has never been the same since I jacked it up in High School